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The North Canton Public Library was founded on January 27, 1928, when W.H. “Boss” Hoover built a community building and designated one room as a library.

The library has experienced tremendous growth over the years, evident in their 2013 annual report.

The library is a place of exploration, and the library’s tagline, developed in 2013, reflects that idea. Each month, library patrons are invited to “explore the world” of a different subject throughout the library.

What makes our library fantastic:

1. Our library houses an art gallery with a full-time curator. The current building was opened June 28, 1953 (the library’s 25th anniversary) with an area designated specifically to be the Little Art Gallery. The gallery hosts an average of 11 shows each year.

2. They are an independent library in Stark County, meaning our collection and programs are specifically targeted to North Canton reside

3. They have a dedicated children’s department on its own floor, allowing kids to be kids without worry of disrupting adults on the first floor.

4. They are strongly dedicated to involvement in the North Canton community from hosting Family Films in Bitzer Park, to participating the Main Street Festival, to encouraging staff members to serve on committees and boards that aim to better the community.

5. They’ve made a commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

6. They house a larger than average collection of large print books to meet the needs of the senior population in North Canton.

7. They offer a library exploration guidebook giving patrons an opportunity to be rewarded by our community partners for simply using the library.

8. They have a full-time staff person dedicated to assisting patrons with their eReader and other technology questions.

9. They offer high quality, affordable art classes for ages preschool through adult.

10. They have a dedicated “lounge” for young adults. It’s filled with teen reading materials and provides a comfy, safe space for hanging out.

11. They offer many valuable resources for educators and parents.

12. They’ve been recognized for their good work and have been featured nationally recently as a example for others.

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